Fusion Worldwide: Flexible and Proactive Supply Chain Management

Tobey Gonnerman, President, Fusion WorldwideTobey Gonnerman, President
Semiconductor chips have found their way into every corner of our lives while connecting the world like never before. These ubiquitous chips are, however, in short supply. Over the last two years, the pandemic has caused massive disruptions in this flourishing industry. Automotive, aerospace, medical, and industrial segments are pressed to find more chips to fill their supply chain pipeline as technology continues to evolve. They are trying to overcome extended lead times, end-of-life notices, increasing costs, and obsolescence. Against this challenging backdrop, Fusion Worldwide helps them conquer these hurdles through proactive, flexible, and forward-thinking supply chain solutions.

“We are experts in sourcing quality components across all supply and demand fluctuations to solve supply chain challenges and keep business on track,” says Tobey Gonnerman, president of Fusion Worldwide.

Over the last two decades, Fusion Worldwide has been helping clients resolve supply chain imbalances by building a logistics team covering four continents with 18 offices across the globe. Its recent acquisition and expansion of Singapore’s most prominent electronic component global testing facility, Prosemi, helps ensure quality in testing and distribution. This acquisition has insulated Fusion Worldwide’s customers against testing lead times and enables them to quickly deliver products.

Fusion Worldwide also works with a vast network of suppliers to help customers find the required electronic components. Their portfolio is comprised of storage solutions, integrated circuits, CPUs, and cards.
Through innovative solutions that expedite each step in the buying process, an established global network of suppliers, and worldwide facilities, Fusion Worldwide provides the exact products customers need within the delivery timeline, ensuring top-notch customer satisfaction.

An example of such innovative solutions is Fusion Worldwide’s e-commerce platform, Rocketchips, designed to get ahead of the prevailing shift towards digitalization within the electronic industry. Rocketchips is a hands-on solution that delivers bestin- class services to its customers and enables clients to easily source electronic components, further enhancing their ease of transactions.

Since the semiconductor industry is prone to unpredictable supply disturbances, client relationships are paramount, and Fusion Worldwide has built extensive relationships with firms across many geographies. It forms a critical link between the supply chain and clients in sourcing, testing, and distribution. Its warehouses are compliant and certified, with over six billion units shipped and 100 percent of the orders quality checked to date.
  • We are experts in sourcing quality components across all supply and demand fluctuations to solve supply chain challenges and keep business on track

To help clients stay on top of supply requirements, Fusion Worldwide formulates a solid plan and additional backup plans for when preferred components suffer shortages. The first step is to collect the bill of materials usage and forecast data to monitor the market on the required parts. This is followed by identifying alternatives or replacement parts for the client’s engineers from manufacturers of analogous components.

Fusion Worldwide’s support is especially highlighted in its innovative approach to solving supply chain challenges by linking one customer’s excess to another’s shortfall. For example, a European automotive subcontractor had an excess of about 30,000 components at their factory upon receiving a large parts shipment, and the chips were soon to become redundant. Fusion Worldwide found an American aerospace firm suffering from a shortage of the same component. With warehouses all over the globe, it purchased the excess units from the automotive subcontractor, transported them to their warehouse in Amsterdam, and shipped them directly to the aerospace firm in Mexico, solving inventory and supply issues for both.

Fusion Worldwide, through its first-class services, is helping customers navigate the semiconductor supply chain and accelerating the pace of technological advancements.
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Fusion Worldwide

Fusion Worldwide

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Tobey Gonnerman, President

Fusion Worldwide is helping its clients resolve supply chain imbalances through a vast network of suppliers, acquiring a global testing facility, and building a logistics team covering four continents with 18 offices across the globe.