Enhance Electronics: Cutting Edge Power Supply Solutions in Access Control

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Douglas Su, President , Enhance ElectronicsDouglas Su, President
Established in 1986 in Taiwan, Enhance Electronics moved its operation to the United States in 1997 and has been a leading manufacturer of high-quality switching power supplies for networking hardware, telecommunication instrumentation, and more for the last 27 years. The company also provides industrial power supply products like industrial and military computers and low acoustic power supply devices for submarines, which are extensively used in German and US military services.

Douglas Su, President in Enhance Electronics, states, “Our strength lies in our ability to meet the customer’s needs and reduce the total ownership cost for them.” To that end, the organization offers its clients an unparalleled level of customer and technical service right from the design phase. Typically, if a company needs to get a custom device designed, they would contact a local vendor who contracts with foreign manufacturers. Enhance Electronics is one of the few companies that can create a client’s product and work with them in the same time zone. By directly working with the main customers, the enterprise eliminates the vendors from the picture, shortening the manufacture and delivery time.

In many cases, it also happens that the client contracting the devices don’t want to release their design to its competitors.For them, the company signs a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to ensure the complete protection of their intellectual property.
Additionally, the enterprise also consults its clients on the various power supply and other device development projects to help them get a product with maximum efficiency.

To ensure building the best quality products, Enhance Electronics follows a standard SOP when onboarding a client. First, it asks them of their basic design requirements by inquiring about basic parameters like the preferred input voltage, required output voltage, amount of current flowing in each channel, number of channels they require, etc. Additionally, it also asks them for the time allotted for product delivery. Based on the consumer’s response, it develops a basic design on which it will then choose the topology of the power supply and the materials required. It will then provide the client with the proper schematic of the device, discuss its topology, and ultimately implement the final device design. The enterprise also gives the clients a time chart to monitor the milestones achieved during the course of the product development cycle.
  • Our strength is to be responsible to meet the customer’s needs and reduce the total ownership costs for them

Their straightforward SOP has helped Enhance Electronics’ business to grow exponentially in the past decade. However, the demand for its power supply devices only increased during the pandemic with the rise in numbers of work-from-home employees. The need for its access control devices is, however, consistent. The company is working with US-based clients to provide its security products to every home and office. Moreover, Enhance Electronics also invested in developing LED drivers that provide constant power using constant current instead of voltage to increase the duration of the supplied power. Hence, Enhance Electronics continues to provide its customers with locally manufactured power electronics devices that can significantly impact the US’ industrial and military development.

With an extensive global presence, Enhance Electronics has worked with Fortune 500 companies, such as IBM, Hewlett Packard, and Dell, to name a few. The company also has a facility in the US to manufacture products for US-based consumers locally. It is qualified to supply its products directly to war machines in the defense department like warships, air carriers, submarines, and other special projects. The enterprise also delivers its clients with appliances like Internet servers, storage servers, data storage, etc. Additionally, Enhance Electronics specializes in developing Access Control devices and is one of the leading suppliers of security access-controlled door locks in many US-based public companies. Hence, the company proves to be a Jack of All Trades in the power electronics market that develops products for both domestic and military clients in local facilities and continues to improve upon them to provide maximum efficiency.
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Enhance Electronics

Enhance Electronics

Ontario, CA

Douglas Su, President and Winson Chen, VP of Sales

Enhance Electronics specializes in providing industrial power supply products like industrial and military computers and low acoustic power supply devices for submarines, extensively used in German and US military services. It also provides access control devices