Electronic Fluorocarbons: Meeting Industry Standards in an Eco-Friendly Way

Matt Adams, Executive Vice President at EFC, Electronic FluorocarbonsMatt Adams, Executive Vice President at EFC
Electronic Fluorocarbons (EFC) is a leading supplier of high-purity electronic gases, advanced materials, precursors and rare gases for semiconductor manufacturing and varied industries such as aerospace, lighting and switchgear.

“Due to the global geo-political crisis, significant investment is being made to build semiconductor infrastructure in the U.S. Our goal is to support this growth,” says Matt Adams, Executive Vice President at EFC.

EFC obtains product in crude form from global sources, purifies them to the levels required by their customers, and performs highly technical metrology to ensure purity and integrity. EFC is the largest supplier of fluorinated gases such as octafluorocyclobutane (C4F8), sulfur hexafluoride (SF6), and tetrafluoromethane (CF4) in North America. They also have a large presence in Asia, South America, Europe, and Israel.

EFC recovers rare gases from customer processes and exhaust streams, then purifies the gases using multiple purification techniques including cryogenic distillation to produce high purity Xenon, Krypton and Neon. After purification, the gases are analysed in EFC’s Hatfield, PA laboratory to ensure that the gases meet customer specifications.
This eco-friendly initiative to recycle fluorocarbons and rare gases reduces environmental releases and boosts the economy. With such commitment to customers and the environment, EFC is one of the top recycling companies in this sector.

“Our success lies in our ability to champion environmental protection while meeting all the demands of our customers,” says Adams.

EFC’s ever-evolving portfolio of ultra-high purity materials supports semiconductor-related industries including fiber-optics, compound semiconductors, logic, memory, heterogeneous devices, flat panel displays, IC packaging, photovoltaics and equipment-surface treatments. In the semiconductor manufacturing space, the company’s ultra-high purity gases and advanced materials for sub 7nm technologies are used as dopants, thin film deposition, etching selective films, and cleaning of deposition chambers. Moreover, ultra-high purity rare gases and mixtures find use in lithography and other applications including sputtering.

EFC strives to provide an unrivalled customer experience through its state-of-the-art laboratory and world class quality system to ensure a minimum level of contaminants in its products.
  • Due to the global geo-political crisis, significant investment is being made to build semiconductor infrastructure in the U.S. Our goal is to support this growth

“We build trust by working in partnership with OEMs and end-user customers. This is crucial to the development of environmentally friendly novel chemistries which meet their evolving demands,” adds Adams.

EFC has a state-of-art research center where they have developed new advanced specialty gases, including etchants and deposition precursor materials, being the first to introduce them in the market. The company also has an ISO-certified fullsuite analytical lab where it continuously improves the products to ensure quality, safety, environmental protection, customer satisfaction, and productivity. Presently, EFC is building a new world-class laboratory in its facility to develop more advanced chemistry and analysis.
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Electronic Fluorocarbons

Electronic Fluorocarbons

Hatfield Township, PA

Matt Adams, Executive Vice President at EFC

Electronic Fluorocarbons (EFC), is a global premier supplier of specialty gases, advanced materials, fluorocarbons, and rare gases to various evolving industries like aerospace, lighting, switchgear, and the semi-conductor industry. They pride themselves in their cutting-edge analytical processes in fluorocarbon gas and specialty gas mixtures (reactive) with trace analysis of impurities in ultra-high purity gases for quality assurance.