ClassOne Technology: Innovative and Advanced Semiconductor Technologies for 200mm Applications

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Byron Exarcos, CEO, ClassOne TechnologyByron Exarcos, CEO
Despite the global coronavirus pandemic that resulted in an economic slowdown across the world, the global semiconductor sector remained strong and witnessed a growth of 6.5% in 2020 and reached the milestone of 440 billion dollars. Since semiconductor technologies such as logic and memory chips are critical for the development of emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence devices, the internet of things (IoT), 5G, and the automotive sector, the industry will grow even faster in the upcoming years. Europe itself is home to over two hundred production lines and R&D labs that develop a vast range of products such as integrated circuits (IC), power electronics, MEMS, compound semiconductors and more. A premier and industry leader in the regions semiconductor sector is ClassOne Technology. The company designs and manufactures advanced wet-chemical process tools—electroplating, spin rinse dryers, and spray solvent tools—for the cost-sensitive manufacturers of MEMS, power devices, sensors, and other emerging technologies. ClassOne Technology provides groundbreaking and innovative solutions for a range of applications on 3” to 8” substrates of several materials such as silicon, glass, gallium arsenide, gallium nitride, and mercury cadmium telluride.

Founded in 2013 in Kalispell, Montana, with the mission to fulfil the critical requirements of the semiconductor industry, the company today delivers advanced high-performance electroplating technologies and wet surface preparation mechanisms for manufacturers using 200mm and smaller-sized wafers.
Since its inception, ClassOne has become the industry’s first choice for highly efficient preparation equipment of ≤200mm manufacturers. The company offers very high standards of performance that are unmatched in the industry at a very affordable price. With a team of highly skilled and experienced experts who comprehensively understand client’s needs, ClassOne’s engineering is highly reliable and develops leading-edge products that offer maximum usability. The company’s Advanced Technology Development Center (TDC) is one of its prominent technology facilities unique in the semiconductor market. It houses the Class 1000 cleanroom, which is equipped with the machinery required for acid/base and solvent-based applications. It includes processing and metrology tools to deliver rapid wet process development and faster demonstrations.
  • ClassOne Technology delivers advanced highperformance electroplating technologies and wet surface preparation mechanisms for manufacturers using 200mm and smaller-sized wafers

ClassOne is known across the globe for its world-class customer support service and professionalism. In Europe, the company offers comprehensive support services, and in China/ Taiwan, Southeast Asia and Japan, it provides a fullsupport infrastructure. Being an industry leader, ClassOne offers a broad range of products, both new and refurbished. Its sister brand, ClassOne Equipment, is also a sought-after name in the semiconductor industry as a provider of refurbished name-brand products. ClassOne Technology’s The Solstice® S8, a high-speed automated electroplating system, is particularly very popular across the globe for delivering high-quality plating of various metals, including gold, copper, nickel, and indium. Consisting of eight chambers, the machine offers maximum throughput and flexibility while significantly reducing plating costs. The system can be configured with various plating and surface preparation chambers specific to the manufacturer requirements. ClassOne’s Solstice range of products share similar high-performance chambers, software support, controls and electronics. Each tool consists of in-built touch screen control panels with GEM/SECS II interface. In recent events, the company received multiple orders from one of the world’s largest RF device manufacturers. Solstice S8s are deployed globally to produce advanced BAW filters for 5G communication technologies and RF solutions for smartphones. With such high-reliable and innovative products, it is evident that ClassOne Technology will soon become a significant player in the 5G revolution.
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ClassOne Technology

Kalispell, MT.

Byron Exarcos, CEO

ClassOne Technology designs and manufactures new advanced wet-chemical process tools -Electroplating Tools, Spray Solvent Tools, and Spin Rinse Dryers - especially for the cost-sensitive producers of MEMs, Power Devices, RF, LEDs, Photonics, Sensors, Microfluidics and other emerging technologies. While these market segments have long been underserved or ignored by the larger equipment manufacturers, ClassOne Technology focuses on providing the high-quality wet process and electroplating equipment you require. The company offers innovative new solutions for various applications on 3"​ to 8"​ substrates of many materials, including silicon, glass, sapphire, GaAs, GaN, Ge, InP and HgCdTe.