Bellnix: Delivering POL Power Supplies Enabling Stable Work of FPGAs Produced by Using 10nm Process or Newer

Field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) are a revelation in the semiconductor space. To this end, companies have put them at the heart of development projects with multiple uses and applications. However, despite progress, many obstacles must be overcome before businesses can imagine a true transformation. One of them is power supply.

To succeed in this industry, organizations need the right knowledge at their disposal and an experienced partner on their side to navigate their journey. Bellnix makes this possible with its point-of-load converter that has the ability to supply 100A or greater, the most optimized solution for high-end devices, including FPGA.

When integrated circuits were making waves due to the advent of the modern PC, Bellnix was spurring a revolution of its own in line with the evolution of the foundry process used for high-end devices. It was among the first pioneers to introduce a point-of-load converter that supports low voltage, large output current, rapid change of output current and the feature to be digitally controlled.

Bellnix’s mission is to develop point-of-load converters that are compact, provide high efficiency and support FPGAs produced by using <10nm process, which are highly optimized solutions for FPGA devices with their power efficiency and compact size. “We have created the most suitable POL converters that support the low voltage of 1.0V or less, provide the large output current of 100A or greater and realize the high efficiency of 92% or higher.” said Kenichiro Suzuki, CEO of Bellnix.

Bellnix has provided the best solutions and support to customers across power supply industry with its expertise in power electronics and application-specific solutions. However, differentiating Bellnix is its rich experience in creating customized solutions for clients. It does so using its custom power supply that matches military, medical, and aviation safety standards. The semiconductor company has achieved great success in medicine and aviation, notably the Boeing 787.

In the medical field, its custom power supply solution offers power supplies for ultrasound equipment. They have taken 30 percent of the Japanese market share due to the low noise characteristics and high reliability. Bellnix has deep expertise in telecom, measurement, railway, control, and power generation. It has made waves in these fields using its AC-DC power supply solution that offers higher optimization and lower noise. The reliability of these solutions can be attested from the fact that they are used in nuclear power control systems.
  • We have created the most efficient converters on the market, which are superior in high voltage, isolation performance, and efficiency

Many companies promise to deliver similar solutions but are often rife with certain defects. Bellnix sticks on the voltage for the application in which it is used and the quality of current, taking a step back to understand what it can offer its customers. It did so by listening to FGPA makers who need low noise, high efficiency, low voltage, high current and fast response for FGPA power supplies, and focusing on its core competency.

As a company engaged in developing, designing, and manufacturing power supply units and systems, Bellnix’s goal is to make their product a precise and strong heart. If LSIs such as FPGAs are the brain, the power supply is the heart that ensures the stable work of FPGA in any environment. It makes such products, and do the groundwork needed without stint.

Both electronics and semiconductors continue to evolve. We plan to use our innovation capabilities for these fields to create stable power supplies with a focus on the quality of power supplies while adhering to compliance and regulations.

While spreading its wings in the semiconductor industry, Bellnix wants to stick to its “happiness creation” philosophy, creating an environment where smiles are long, and everyone shares happiness.
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