ARS Embedded Systems: Enhanced Device Connectivity through Advanced Electronics

Zoran Stankovic, CEO, ARS Embedded SystemsZoran Stankovic, CEO
In line with the ever-increasing adoption of IoT cloud software, mobile applications, data analytics and intelligence across the businesses worldwide, intelligent hardware today has become ubiquitous as the next frontier of smart and connected devices, fueling new realms of innovation in the market. This disruptive scenario has induced a drift across the market for adding new features and connectivity to traditional technology products. The rapidly growing trend has not only led to the increase in the cost of the final product but has also put pressure to considerably reduce the costs of embedded electronics. This is where ARS Embedded Systems comes into the picture with its unique ready-made design solutions in the area of IoT, environmental sensing, motion sensing, and analytics. Zoran Stankovic, CEO of ARS Embedded Systems, says, “We are focused on providing high-quality services and deliverables. Our experience and ready-made solutions enable faster development for our clients while also contributing to the reduction in their total development costs.”

Started by a group of friends, passionate about electronics designs and building physical products, the founders of ARS witnessed the evolution of product designs becoming more connected and sophisticated over the time.
Complying with the growing traction of smart and connected devices in the market, the founders of the company adopted a robust multidisciplinary development approach to combine electronics, firmware, software and mechanical engineering to build their products. Over the years, ARS’s team has accumulated great know-how in designing and producing electronic devices while garnering experience through constant feedback from existing and potential clients.

ARS offers a complete set of services from electronics and firmware development to prototype assembly and manufacturing support. The company also assists businesses that are overburdened with complexities of electronics product development, certification requirements, and electronics manufacturing challenges. ARS not only provides them with professional advice on system architecture, selection of appropriate technologies and components but also in the design process, through the application of its existing solutions, or by designing custom solutions. “In cooperation with EMC labs, we also provide support to our customers in determining and complying with required regulations before placing products on the market,” adds Stankovic. In order to ensure the best of security and connectivity, ARS provides IoT solutions embedded with hardware components equipped with crypto engines and secure internet connections. The company also collaborates with independent pen testing partners in order to set the highest level of software security.

Elaborating on ARS’s core values and the company culture, Stankovic accredits the company’s workforce and their continuous pursuit of excellence as the key reason for them to be recognized as a top embedded developer today. The company holds a reputation for being significantly responsive to its client circle by providing open feedback, attention to detail, transparent quotation, and work packages. Illustrating on one of ARS’s successful customer engagements, Stankovic shares the story of a client who came up with a brilliant idea of developing the smartest and smallest microphone on earth with a capability to produce studio quality sound in a small form factor. ARS provided the client with a complete range of support starting from designing of electronics to firmware development, software development and development of algorithms for audio processing. The company went ahead to assist the client through the certification and the entire manufacturing and testing process that took place in China.

Accentuating on the future roadmap of the company Stankovic mentions about the company’s plans to embark on enhancing the development of its hardware and software platforms for environmental sensors and motion recognition. The company looks forward to establishing its presence in the UK market by working closely with its local partner company, Invent Design Build Ltd that commands specializations in development of sensor-based systems and products.

"ARS provides unique ready-made design solutions in the area of IoT, environmental sensing, motion sensing, and analytics"

- Zoran Stankovic, CEO