Apex Semiconductor: Using AI for Seamless and Faster Chip Productions

Sandeep Badida, CEO, Apex SemiconductorSandeep Badida, CEO
Two years ago when the pandemic struck, the semiconductor industry took a huge hit. Across the world, demand for integrated chips was high but supply was depleted. Even today, automotive and smartphone markets are reeling from the shortage of integrated chips. Moreover, the complexity of the chips, which have more than ten million transistors on a single piece of silicon, has been growing exponentially.

With rising demand and increasing complexity, the semiconductor industry is in dire need of a process that can seamlessly generate high quality integrated circuit designs. Apex Semiconductor, based in Santa Clara, CA, is addressing this need with its AI-powered software that streamlines the chip design process and reduces production time. Founded in 2018 by a team of Silicon Valley veterans, the company develops complex, high-performance, and low-power chip and system designs.

Apex Semiconductor doesn’t want to be a traditional semiconductor company. It aspires to break the boundaries of innovation by developing a process oriented platform that streamlines the integrated circuit design. It takes immense pride in its team, which has more than 25 years of experience on average and over 15 years of combined experience working in the semiconductor industry.
The AI powered platform is culminated from this team of industry experts’ vast experience, which intelligently integrates pattern recognition, foundry process, IP and Electronic Design Automation (EDA) tools together. This technology allows Apex to help customers transition from silicon to production, meeting timeto- revenue and time-to-profitability objectives.

“We have developed smart AI solutions to make the chip design process more efficient in order to increase the rate of chip production,” says Sandeep Badida, CEO at Apex Semiconductor.

The dynamics of creating semiconductors can elude many. For this reason, an integral role of Apex Semiconductor is to work closely with its clients and help them realize their objectives through Apex’s AI platform. From planning to manufacturing to testing, the clients are kept informed of every development to keep the production free from any hiccups.

Apex Semiconductor has worked with corporations of all sizes around their core expertise in Silicon Engineering, Design For Test, Path to NPI and volume production. In particular, their experience has been invaluable to small-sized organizations that lack a complete understanding of the design process, and how to get to the desired end result — high-functioning chips that offer the desired performance.

The team at Apex Semiconductor delivers by giving the client clarity on the entire design process.
  • We have developed smart AI solutions to make the chip design process more efficient in order to increase the rate of chip production

The design process is divided into smaller, easy-to-execute stages to remove complexity and speed up execution. The team reviews the data, calculates the risks, evaluates the design planning, lines up resources, and calculates the project delivery date. As each stage is finished, the client reviews the progress and shares feedback. This way, any issues can be addressed immediately, and the client will understand how to troubleshoot an issue. Before manufacturing begins, Apex Semiconductor reviews the design process with the client to ensure optimal performance and yield.

Apex Semiconductor might be new on the scene, but its reputation has already begun to reach into the corners of the industry. Their story is proof that great things can happen when experience meets excellence.
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Apex Semiconductor

Apex Semiconductor

Santa Clara, CA

Sandeep Badida, CEO

Apex Semiconductor develops high-performance and low-power microprocessors, networking and storage, AI accelerators, and automotive designs.