Aifotec: Making Assembly of Micro-components Simple

Dr. Gunther Vollrath, CEO, AifotecDr. Gunther Vollrath, CEO
The electronics and photonics industry has transformed drastically. Gone are the days when every company was doing everything from design to manufacturing. Today, manufacturing firms are heading towards a fragmented business model. One of the crucial tasks in the electronics products manufacturing world is the assembly and interconnection of various micro-components. This process is highly challenging as it requires extensive engineering knowledge and high precision manufacturing capabilities in bonding and packaging. As large electronics manufacturers lack the necessary tools, knowledge, and expertise, they look for a reliable partner that can assemble micro components with robust technology and expertise.

One company that is making tremendous progress in production involving micro-optical components that need to be assembled and interconnected is Aifotec. As a contract manufacturer, the company develops every type of assembly and bonding technology for the world’s leading micro-electronics brands. “Aifotec is one of the few companies helping electronics and photonic companies assemble micro-components and advice on the best technologies according to the clients need. We are included in the early part of the product development cycle/ process to get the most of our advisory services and technologies,” states Dr. Gunther Vollrath, CEO of Aifotec.

As a part of their product portfolio, the company offers eutectic and epoxy bonding technology along with fibre coupling. The company is known for its high-precision, fully automatic assembly.
As a recognised specialist in the industry, Aifotec supports all leading material systems such as silicon, glass, ceramic, polymer, etc. and different assembly technologies like laser spot size die bonding, oven-based soldering and epoxy bonding technologies like dispensing, jetting, staping, pin transfer etc. Aifotec also realises the active optical coupling of individual fibres or fibre arrays in the assembly of photonic chips (photonic integrated circuits - PIC, electro-photonic integrated circuits - EPIC).

Besides offering manufacturing services, we also advise in areas such as process development, design optimization, assembly system selection and optimisation, design for manufacturability (DfM), pilot and qualification runs and training,” states Vollrath.

The company’s mission is to support the hybrid integration of photonic components, making photonic components smaller, cheaper, and volume manufacturable. Since its inception, the company has been focused on its innovative strength in developing photonic components in future markets such as data transmission, autonomous driving (LiDAR), augmented reality, medical technology, etc With the help of its advisory services and technologies, Aifotec is allowing firms to automate their routine assembly tasks while saving them time and enhancing productivity.
  • Aifotec is one of the few companies helping electronics and photonic companies assemble micro- components and advice on the best technologies according to the clients need

One of the main reasons Aifotec has become the go-to partner for firms in the photonic business is its innovative assembly and bonding concepts for photonic and semiconductor components and its ability to achieve a precision of ± 0.5 μm. With such unparalleled capabilities, Aifotec has helped several manufacturing companies in the electronics and photonics industry automate, integrate and assemble micro components. The company is also backed by highly skilled engineers that work round the clock to deliver the best solution according to client needs. Aifotec’s development engineers competently deal with development orders at the highest level. Each one of Aifotec’s engineers is proud to provide its customers with the best possible photonic solution.

From the company’s perspective, they want to focus on integration. For the future, Aifotec wishes to maintain the highest standard of its technology and services and strives to be the leading international photonics specialist and provide wings to the demands of the electronics industry.
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Dr. Gunther Vollrath, CEO

Aifotec offers the most sophisticated microelectronic solutions – from prototype to mass production.