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Yoshinori Hirai, Representative Director and President, AGCYoshinori Hirai, Representative Director and President
More than a century has passed since Henry Ford pioneered the mass manufacture of automobiles, paving the way for motorization. Since then, cars have advanced significantly in terms of performance, safety, and comfort. They have also played a pivotal role in both industrial and social growth. As the mass production of cars spread across the world, Japan witnessed a rapid expansion of vehicle manufacturers in the 1950s. To cater to this increase in demand, AGC began selling processed automotive glass to the rapidly expanding Japanese vehicle manufacturers in the early 1950s. From glass antennas to the modern automobile windshields that integrate with cameras, sensors, and other components, technologies pertaining to automobile glass have come a long way, and AGC has been at the forefront of this technological revolution.

AGC developed its reputation by creating value from a combination of varied technologies in the fields of glass, electronics, chemicals, and ceramic materials. The firm supplies flat, automotive, display glass, chemicals, ceramics, and other high-tech materials and components to its clients worldwide. The products developed by AGS employ cutting-edge technologies and use unique materials to solve everyday challenges for its users and make people's lives better across the globe. AGC was founded on a commitment to innovation that dates back over a hundred years.
Formerly known as Asahi Glass Co., Ltd, the firm changed its name to AGC Inc. on July 1, 2018. With its new corporate identity, AGS is still inspired by the same spirit of creativity to develop products that are unique and pursue more daring concepts.

The firm is focused on continuously advancing its research and development capabilities to help resolve various societal concerns via material innovation by focusing on the three key fields of mobility, electronics, and life Science to create solutions with more added value. AGC has been expanding the usefulness of glass in an automotive context for decades. It produces glass with high-value-added features such as UV protection, ultra-water resistant glass, and built-in antennas. Glass has evolved from the passive presence it used to be—a simple, transparent material to separate the worlds inside and beyond a vehicle. It can now display and provide important information to the driver. AGC develops materials and solutions that bridge the gap between the interior and exterior of a car and contribute to safe driving.

AGC's success is based on a diversified workforce of nearly 50,000 people. The firm's staff are unified in their quest for excellence across its labs, offices, and manufacturing facilities. In each organization, employees have a specific role to perform, making the workflow efficient and resulting in smoother processes, regardless of whether they are onboarding, sales, and engineering.
  • Our staff is unified in their quest of excellence across the labs, offices, and manufacturing facilities

The AGC Yokohama Technical Center, the firm's brand new development headquarters, is poised to become a worldwide innovation hub. It will ensure its pursuit of technological excellence in an ambidextrous manner. AGS has well-established operational units in more than 30 countries and regions worldwide. The firm's one-of-a-kind materials, solutions, and dependable collaborations have aided in the development of cutting-edge technologies in diverse industries and markets. The firm is a market leader across its sectors and is considered the global forerunner in both automotive and building glass production and supply. By collaborating with other leading companies to combine expertise and innovative technology, AGS can help accomplish even bigger goals and bring bolder ideas to reality with new partnerships and collaborations. AGS is thrilled by the opportunities that lie in wait and is determined to make sustainability an increasingly important element of its operations.
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Tokyo, JAPAN

Yoshinori Hirai, Representative Director and President

AGC Group has made a commitment to positioning electronics-related business as one of its strategic initiatives. AGC intends to continue making aggressive capital investment in semiconductor-related business, which is expected to see significant growth in demand in the coming years, to contribute to further development of the semiconductor industry