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Barry Lu, Asia Marketing Direct, AerotechBarry Lu, Asia Marketing Direct
Precision motion control technology is critical to advancements in high-tech manufacturing, advanced automotives, mechatronics, optoelectronics, robotics, and several other engineering sectors. PMC is also vital for peak machine efficiency in environments that are either hazardous or cannot accommodate human operators. A sought-after name in the engineering industry regarding PMC is Aerotech, a Pennsylvania-based company dedicated to engineering exemplary motion control solutions. Since its inception in 1970, the company has been solving major challenges in complex motion control applications across several industries and has expertise in lessening clients’ technical and business risks and total cost of ownership. Aerotech works closely with its clients’ teams and enhances their processes, products, and operational efficiencies.

Aerotech serves many clients across industries such as aerospace, defense, electronics, healthcare, life sciences, and fundamental science and research. The company assures the micro and nano-level accuracy required in today’s optics and photonics industry. “With Aerotech as your partner, motion control will never be a limiting factor in your operations,” says Barry Lu, Asia Marketing Director of Aerotech.

The company empowers its clients to maximize their operational productivity and throughput without compromising on the accuracy front. The blend of mechanics, controls, and electronics enables Aerotech to design highly optimized solutions that guarantee significant outcomes for clients’ specific applications.
With its peerless expertise in precision motion control and highly integrated and customized solutions, Aerotech decreases implementation risk and increases its client’s product reliability and accuracy. Owing to this customer-centric approach, the company proactively customizes its motion control and positioning solutions according to customer’s specific requisites.

“With over fifty years of experience as experts in automation solutions, our technical teams comprehensively understand the challenges that our clients face. We communicate with them and deliver solutions that effectively resolve their difficulties,” adds Lu. Devoted to the development of precision motion control solutions, Aerotech gives utmost importance to innovation and ensures its products are at the head of the market. The company is currently proactively engaging in the development of precise optical alignment solutions to address the issue of device power loss in silicon photonics and microoptical technologies. Elaborating on the same, Lu adds, “There is an urgent demand for this technology in the 5G industry and we have a specific team focused on this application. Aerotech offers nanometer-level positioning solutions and has a team of highly skilled experts.” Since these solutions are purpose-built, a client’s design team can select the best positioning solutions that suit their requisites. Teams can also minimize complexities within control systems and software development and introduce their product faster to the commercial market.
  • Aerotech is the world’s first firm to accommodate the Position Synchronized Output (PSO) feature into its solutions.

Aerotech is the world’s first firm to accommodate the Position Synchronized Output (PSO) feature into its solutions. This functionality helps clients set triggers in their process tools based on distance traveled and avoid trigger errors due to velocity instability. The firm recently launched Peak Metrology, an Aerotech company devoted to designing and building capital equipment for surface metrology processes. Additionally, Aerotech recently launched Automation 1, the world’s most userfriendly precision motion controller platform. Automation 1 can often reduce set-up time from days to minutes. It is also the only Aerotech platform utilizing the fiberoptic HyperWire bus, enabling the most accurate and tightly coordinated control of up to 32 axes of motion. As Lu concludes, “Aerotech has a scalable and customizable integration capability. Whether customers require a simple component or check system, we resolve the issue and generate flawless and reliable results. As a global company, we have international support and our precision motion expertise is trusted around the world.”
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Barry Lu, Asia Marketing Direct

Aerotech designs and manufactures best-in-class motion control and precision positioning systems for industry, government, science, and research institutions. Aerotech's precision motion control products provide the critical performance for today's demanding applications in markets such as medical device and life sciences, semiconductor and flat panel, photonics, automotive, data storage, laser processing, military/aerospace, electronics manufacturing, test, assembly, research and development, and other markets requiring high precision, high throughput motion solutions. Aerotech’s philosophy of building superior motion control systems starts with designing and manufacturing technically superior components