ADM Tronics Unlimited, Inc. [OTC:ADMT]: Transforming Care with Innovative Medical Technologies

Andre’ DiMino, CEO, ADM Tronics Unlimited, Inc. [OTC:ADMT]Andre’ DiMino, CEO
The interior of an innovation lab in New Jersey is lit up by intermittent light flashes, as the engineers within work on high-energy electronics to create game-changing therapeutic medical devices. This is an everyday scene at ADM Tronics, its historical reputation in embedded technology began with Dr. Alfonso DiMino’s groundbreaking work on non-invasive electrotherapy. Today, the company’s origin stands in stark contrast to its agile journey over the years, etched by the release of cutting-edge technology products, both for custom healthcare projects for clients as well as on its own proprietary medical devices. ADM Tronics works on medical device projects, right from the conceptual stage all the way through design, engineering, regulatory certifications, and manufacturing in its FDA-registered facility. The company prides itself on having all engineering expertise inhouse, which includes electronic, electrical, mechanical, software, and material science disciplines, along with its extensive competency in US FDA and international regulatory aspects.

“When we engage with a client, we aim at giving them an end-to-end solution. We start with the design inputs of where they’d like the project to go, and what they’d like the technology to do,” explains Andre’ DiMino, the CEO of ADM Tronics. The project then proceeds with the consolidation of hardware, software, documentation and regulatory aspects, which are all integral parts of the development and design processes at ADM Tronics.
The company, along with its customers, defines deliverables at each point in the continuum of projects, ensuring that the end goals and accomplishments are clear along the way. This thorough approach is applied to every one of ADM Tronics’ projects, which also vary widely in complexity and application areas. While some products developed by the company involve very highly-sophisticated systems which incorporate mechanics, fluidics, high-voltage electronics, GUI, and so on, others go right down to simple mobile applications.

One of these high-end projects involved the treatment of non-healing wounds using a therapeutic gas, which is created by a complex high-energy electronics device developed at ADM Tronics. The multi-year project is focused on key areas such as precision control, ease of use, and several potential safety factors, and is currently undergoing clinical studies. As DiMino read through some of the results of the study, he was delighted to discover that the technology was pivotal in saving a patient from amputation. He says, “Everybody that works here knows that they are working on products that can aid people and help treat diseases, and it’s a very rewarding experience.” This passion reflects the culture of the team that diligently focuses on quality and innovation during the development of products.
  • Everybody that works here knows that they are working on products that can help people and help treat diseases, and it’s a very rewarding experience

The company recently received the New Jersey “Fast 50” Award, a recognition for its agility in growth and in the adoption of new trends to deliver value. With the digitization of traditional analog and manual medical devices being perceived as a real challenge for healthcare OEMs and providers alike, ADM Tronics leverages mobility and cloud technology to provide seamless connectivity between the patient and healthcare provider. Regardless of the technology being leveraged, ADM Tronics focuses on clinical and practical outcomes, constantly soliciting user feedback for further improvements.

Quite recently, the company embarked on a project to make spirometry more efficient in terms of connectivity and patient compliance to respiratory therapy schedules. By using gamification and a performance-based audit, ADM Tronics is creating a direct engagement between the caregiver and the patient in order to increase compliance and have much better outcomes for the user. “The year 2018 looks like a busy one for us. We have our own proprietary products, as well as a lot of customer projects lined up,” concludes DiMino.
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ADM Tronics Unlimited, Inc. [OTC:ADMT]

Northvale, NJ

Andre’ DiMino, CEO

Undertakes medical device projects in an end-to-end manner to create both proprietary healthcare technologies, as well as products to solve customer needs