Weltrend Semiconductor: A Quintessential Leader In The Semiconductor Market

Decoding the Role of Semiconductors in Digital Transformation

Moore’s Law states that the number of transistors on a microchip doubles every two years, though the cost of computers is halved. Gordon Moore, the co-founder of FaircMd Semiconductor and former CEO of Intel, gave the Law when integrated circuit came into mass production, back in the 1960s. Even today, the Law is of some relevance. We still witness the exponential growth in computational speed with each passing year. For example, every few years, there is a new generation of processors available in the market that has a better clock rate. Additionally, the cost to access the computing device, be it a desktop, laptop, or any handheld device, has significantly reduced. This shift in better computational power at a lower price, in the first place, has kick-started the blitz of technologies such as Al, ML, VR, loT, and more that are driving the digital transformation for the organizations

    Top Companies

  • Provides information security, network security, advanced data protection, forensics and remote access VPN for end-to-end protection


  • Integrator of turnkey Wireless LAN (WLAN), WiFi, and outdoor wireless WAN networks


  • Velentium specializes in the secure design and development of therapeutic and diagnostic active medical devices. As consultants, the company assists medical IP holders through all stages of the medical device lifecycle, be it automated test systems, embedded cybersecurity, electrical design, firmware, or mobile apps. Besides these, an essential service they provide is system engineering, overseeing the successful interfacing of technologies and subsystems that might otherwise cause projects to fall behind. In such instances, Velentium has the expertise to bring together all project elements to ensure a quality product


  • The company is a leading fabless semiconductor company that specializes in the planning, design, testing, application development and distribution of IC products. Besides being a leading company in analog & mixed-signal/digital IC design in Taiwan, Weltrend has a wholly-owned subsidiary that offers value-added electronic component distribution services for various international recognized brands. The company has accumulated enormous technical expertise with a rich digital/analog IP portfolio and has expanded its product line to advanced applications spanning across advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS), data security, vital sign detection, digital power, and wireless charging. Weltrend’s product lines encompass ICs for various PC peripherals, power management, consumer electronics, and payment security


  • Yield Microelectronics Corporation designs specialized embedded logic multiple-time non-volatile memory (NVM) IP that helps its clients to enhance the capabilities of their electronic products according to users’ needs. Leveraging the ‘1 transistor 1 capacitor’ structure of the firm’s bit-cell, they build the smallest IP among all MTP vendors. These smaller IPs consumes lesser space enabling its clients to reduce the overall production cost. Built with endurance of 10K times and byte-write capability, YMC’s EEPROM provides enhanced data storage for products such as coffee machines