NAS Wireless: Turnkey Installations for Defining Success

Eric Stewart, Principal Solutions Architect, NAS WirelessEric Stewart, Principal Solutions Architect
The future of wireless technology can grow to encompass all that it seeks to be a part of. Companies dealing in wireless technology frequently find themselves overloaded and overwhelmed with the theoretical aspect to focus appropriately on its practical applications. This is where NAS Wireless proves its mettle. With its experience in varying industrial sectors, NAS Wireless has become a leading integrator of WiFi, Wireless LAN, and outdoor wireless technology over the years. The company enables its larger partners to be more successful with Cisco wireless systems. “With our in-depth expertise in wireless technology, our team of highly skilled professionals taps into our collective abilities to provide value to customers,” says Jim Bradfield, CEO and Director of NAS Wireless.

The leading edge of the highly agile NAS Wireless is its team, comprising personnel with over a decade of experience in the industry.
To begin with, from the moment when a client is onboard to the completion of the task, the NAS Wireless team focuses on identifying customer requirements and other essential benefit optimizations and quickly notices counter-productive actions to ensure that those needs are satisfied. Prior to the installation of NAS Wireless’ complete turnkey solutions for WiFi, the company works on the effect and influence of various modules, code changes, and switches to find the most suitable solution to cater to specific requirements of clients. “We go beyond providing band-aid fixes, equipping the customer with a solution that will meet expectations, and requires little changes except inducing upgrades,” explains Eric Stewart, Principal Solutions Architect of NAS Wireless.

NAS also provides added services to its clientele to design networks which complements and enhances the pre-existing network. “Our objective is to make the operation smoother in the customer’s company so that the results reflect directly on their bottom-line,” says Bradfield. NAS provides an added advantage because it provides more affordable services compared to clients having to keep wireless specialists in-house. NAS Wireless’ are well-versed in outsourcing services, and wireless expertise becomes a key skill in improving their offerings to their clients. NAS Wireless delivers quicker, more efficient services due to their greater accountability to the customer.

Oftentimes, the most significant challenge in wireless technology stems from communication and logistics. NAS Wireless thus proposes to provision and manage devices, regardless of device type, in a cleaner fashion. As the growing popularity of the IoT indicates its eventual infiltration into almost every sphere of life, NAS Wireless handles the rising security concerns in this realm while providing customized data security.

One of the larger partners of NAS Wireless required help in tackling a customer that had a warehouse facility with a poor performing Meraki deployment leading to several wireless-related problems. NAS Wireless identified the problematic apps and ensured that optimal practices were in place in the Meraki dashboard, before informing the customer about probable access point issues even before visiting the site. Following the site visit, NAS Wireless sought to introduce changes into the antennas and used directional type antennas instead of redesigning the existing structure entirely. The customer highly approved of the incredible energy carried by the NAS Wireless team in ensuring that the project ran smoothly from the beginning to the end. Giving prime importance to customer requirements and working to resolve their issues helps NAS Wireless gain highly satisfied customers, who return to partner with them on future projects.

Through its new division called NAS Exclusive, NAS Wireless seeks to focus on high-end, high-profile residences and home offices in the near future. “We aim to bring enterprise expertise to people’s doorsteps by creating and experimenting with several devices that connect to the Internet,” says Stewart. The future appears bright for NAS Wireless, as it expands into applications dealing with IoT and data security and implements its findings on global projects.

"We aim to bring enterprise expertise to people’s doorsteps by creating and experimenting with several devices that connect to the internet"

- Eric Stewart, Principal Solutions Architect