MobentIT: Bridging the Gap Between Electronic Circuits and the 'Real-World'

Packaging is a critical component of semiconductor manufacturing and design that significantly influences the power, performance, functionalities, and cost of chips. Whether it’s factory automation, medical devices, military systems, or logistics technology, innovation in semiconductor packaging enables organizations to develop faster, smaller, and more reliable chips. APAC—known globally for its vast abundance of talented and skilled workers and professionals—is the cornerstone of the global semiconductor industry, and amongst the plethora of semiconductor packaging solution providers, one company that stands out the most is MobentIT. The Australia-based company is pioneering the development of smaller packages capable of withstanding high power while protecting the circuits.

MobentIT, founded in 2010, is well known in APAC’s semiconductor industry for manufacturing some of the smaller integrated circuits that empower engineers to create smaller designs for patient monitoring applications, wearable devices, miniature microphones and cellphones, tiny earpieces, and ultra-small temperature sensors. The company offers innovative Systems on a Chip (SoC) and Systems in a Package (SiP) solutions. MobentIT specializes in a broad portfolio of packaging configurations and technologies, such as traditional ceramic and lead packages, advanced chip-scale packages, wafer chip-scale packages, and many more. Owing to its longstanding expertise in the semiconductor packaging domain, MobentIT has consolidated its position as an industry leader in chip fabrication for customers based on their thorough evaluation of critical requirements, such as process & IP availability, time to market, power capability, etc.
In addition to this, MobentIT offers SemInov—a smart and scalable intelligent pixel processing solution—that is geared around AI-based processors and support AI operations upgrades across endpoints, cloud, and edge devices.

SemInov supports the development of AI in consumer electronics, medical technologies, automotive and manufacturing electronics, and IoT. The solution is employed by several ISPs for its target detection and recognition functionalities of NPU IP to identify target areas. SemInov is also capable of performing dark light and resolution enhancement to improve image output by ISPs. Since its foundation, MobentIT has been a trusted partner for licensed IP and turnkey ASIC services globally to the world’s biggest semiconductor companies, innovative startups, and OEM and operators. Complementing its solutions are MobentIT’s quality assurance policies and procedures that ensure that its clients are delivered the products of the highest caliber.

MobentIT’s quality assurance policies help the company swiftly address and resolve quality-related complaints that could arise

MobentIT’s quality assurance policies help the company swiftly address and resolve quality-related complaints that could arise. The guidelines outline measures that its teams follow to ensure compliance of the components with various quality specifications. These standards are applied to how MobentIT manages material, designs, manufacturing processes, tests, storage, and transportation of the products. The company is also pushing boundaries of innovation to ensure that its operation remains environmentally sustainable and preserves the environment, health, and safety of its employees and customers. The sheer speed and scale at which MobentIT develops efficient chips showcase why several industry giants trust it for their chip requirements. One of its clients, Verto Tech Solutions, a manufacturing technology company, was looking for a provider to develop customized chips. MobentIT assisted the company in developing components that enable it to develop RF frequency components and sensors.

Verto collaborated with MobentIT to develop a microprocessor and microcontroller for its new 3D printers. The duo was able to develop chips for a device that enabled manufacturers to leverage the prowess of IoT and ML to ensure the safety of facility workers. MobentIT has scripted similar success stories on several occasions where businesses have partnered with it and developed groundbreaking products. Looking ahead, the company is expanding its service portfolio and geographic footprint. With such advanced technological solutions in-house, MobentIT is en route to becoming a global leader in semiconductor packaging.
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Miami, Florida

Jessica Kelly, CEO

MobentIT is an Australia-based provider of semiconductor packaging solutions and services that manufactures innovative smaller integrated circuits

"MobentIT’s quality assurance policies help the company swiftly address and resolve quality-related complaints that could arise"

- Jessica Kelly, CEO