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Frank Antico, President, Island Designers AssociatesFrank Antico, President
The modern-day High-Density Interconnect (HDI) PCBs hold an average of 160 pins per square inch, making it an extremely intricate environment for any engineer to operate in. At that scale, it’s crucial for designers to keep the margin of errors lower or none on every design. This puts the onus on the PCB designers to be creative in their work while maintaining an extremely high standard of reliability in what they produce.

With a legacy spanning nearly half a century and a penchant for the extraordinary, Island Designers Associates fits the bill when it comes to high-end, high-precision PCB design solutions. Island Designers Associates is headed by Frank Antico, who considers himself a lifelong student. He has been personally involved with PCB design for over 50 years and has gained a great deal of knowledge working with numerous companies.

“Every project we have worked with has been a learning experience—an opportunity for us to see different aspects of how clients want their boards to be designed. That knowledge is valuable to us, as we can transfer it over to other companies requiring similar PCB designs,” states Antico, who leads Island Designers Associates as its President.

Together with Lester Ormont, Sr. Designer at Island Designers Associates, Antico positioned the company as an agile organization that specializes in high-end PCB design solutions. As a nimble shop, Island Designers Associates eliminates the need for clients to go through multiple channels, purchasing agents, and supervisors before reaching designers, expediting board fabrication at no cost to reliability.
Island Designers Associates creates and delivers designs using Cadence Allegro and Altium, the two most reliable and effective PCB editing software solutions in the market.

The company provides clients with the option to choose between either one of these editors based on their requirements. For clients wanting more compatibility with their in-house software packages, Island Designers Associates designs using Cadence Allegro while deploying Altium for an end-to-end solution requiring more complex engineering.

Irrespective of the software they choose, clients can rest easy knowing that their project is in experienced hands that will always ensure perfection and timely completion. Several clients have approached Island Designers Associates whilst facing some of the toughest deadlines. Each time, the company responded by rolling up its sleeves and getting right to business. For example, one particular manufacturer sought Island Designers Associates’ help to get their board out of fabrication in less than eight days.
  • Every project we have worked with has been a learning experience—an opportunity for us to see different aspects of how clients want their boards to be designed

“He was an old client of mine, and I’m gonna have to get this design done by the weekend,” Antico states. Three days and lots of sleepless sessions later, they had finalized the design, shipped it out to fabrication by Monday, got it back on Wednesday, and had the assembly house ready to assemble it on the same day. Needless to say, the client had the finished board in their hands by Friday.

Being customer-centric at its heart, Island Designers Associates values client relationships above all and understands that PCB design is a process demanding a lot of back and forth when it comes to making frequent small changes and updates. The company sees this as an opportunity to build good faith with their client by supporting them through this journey at no additional cost to nurture a long-lasting partnership. This, in turn, has helped them garner a loyal following amongst their clientele, and they are hopeful that their journey along this path will continue for the decades to come as well.

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