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The development of semiconductor-based products is highly complex and requires several levels of testing before the designs are verified and approved for production. A critical process in the development is virtual validation, where engineers and designers use CAD tools to virtual test their designs. As component manufacturing gets increasingly complicated, virtual validation enables engineers to optimize their design and save significant capital. The process is readily practiced in all major manufacturing industries— automotive, aerospace and defense, electronic systems, and telecommunications. In addition to helping engineers simulate their designs, such tools also enable them to ensure compliance required for product certifications and patent applications. An industry leader in the US’s semiconductor industry that provides highly efficient and reliable virtual testing software is Coventor-a Lam Research company.

Headquartered in Raleigh, Coventor is a market leader in automated solutions for developing and testing semiconductor technology and micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS). The company has a vast clientele of global integrated device manufacturers, fabless design houses, memory suppliers, independent foundries, and R&D labs. Its flagship product, SEMulator3D®, is a modeling and analysis software used to swiftly and accurately conduct virtual fabrication processes, empowering engineers to comprehend the manufacturing effects at the nascent stages of product development.
SEMulator3D employs an integrated process flow description that enables users to create a virtual equivalent or digital twin of complex 3D structures. The platform consists of processpredictive capabilities that predict intricate interactions between designs and integrated process flows, enabling designers to identify errors before they actually occur. Nearly all members of the semiconductor supply chain, from tech-developer to fabless IP providers, employ SEMulator3D’s predictive modeling. The software allows the simulation of several development processes and virtual experimentations that are not feasible in actual fab labs. Additionally, Coventor offers CoventorMP®, a software platform that provides a unified environment for MEMS designs and testing at all levels of abstraction.

CoventorMP® is employed by the world’s leading MEMS brands and R&D organizations for simulating and predicting the complex multi-physics behavior of MEMS devices. The platform combines Coventor’s MEMS tools CoventorWare and MEMS+ and is a powerful solution for simulating MEMS environments. The software enables users to design highly accurate and efficient models while improving their performances. The rationale behind Coventor’s innovative products is its teams that consist of highly experienced, knowledgeable, and motivated industry experts.

With the goal to provide accurate predictive 3D process models that could efficiently substitute silicon learning cycles, Coventor’s teams help its customers to accelerate their timeto- market while incurring the minimum development costs. The team consists of experts in physics, simulation, software engineering, graphics, statics and analysis, and quality assurance domains, who together create revolutionary engineering solutions for the global semiconductor market. Coventor’s teams are dedicated to developing futuristic virtual validations tools and are constantly evaluating contemporary technologies to upgrade and improve their existing product line.

In its recent endeavors, Coventor released its latest MEMS design software CoventorMP® 2.0. The product will simplify automated parametric design variations for simulations in MEMS+® and CoventorWare® tools. The new software includes a scriptable transfer of fully preprocessed models into the parametric analysis. CoventorMP® 2.0 also consists of an improved user interface updated with GUI capabilities. With such efficient and customer-oriented features, Coventor is revolutionizing the semiconductor industry and leading it into an era of innovation-driven advancement.
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Coventor, a Lam company, is a market leader in automated solutions for developing and testing semiconductor technology and microelectromechanical systems (MEMS)