Tridon communications: One-Stop Solution For Wired and Wireless Communication Needs

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Chad Tomachefski, CWO and Ben Thompson, CEO, Tridon communicationsChad Tomachefski, CWO and Ben Thompson, CEO
Tridon Communications, founded by Ben Thompson, CEO, Chad Tomachefski, CWO, and Greg Tolson, COO, is western Canada’s leading telecommunications service integrator (TSI) that aims to address all aspects of communication requirements, including system design, installation, upgrade, repair, and maintenance. It provides organizations with end-to-end solutions as a single point of contact for wired or wireless communications.

Many leading telecommunications companies working with wired and wireless networks, companies, like Motorola, Kenwood, and Corning, encounter the significant challenge of service providers specializing exclusively in specific problem areas for each system. Consequently, work gets divided among a dozen different crews, making onsite coordination a struggle. In addition, the industry suffers from a lack of value-added services, long-term warranties, and an inexperienced workforce. Tridon Communications identified this market need for a centralized service integrator and leveraged it.

“Tridon Communications offers a proactive system that combines the best of multiple worlds to meet client demands,” says Tomachefski.
Tridon Communications started its journey as a wireless service provider, primarily working with Motorola as a partner in the push-to-talk market. It has since expanded into wireless domains like WiSP services and automation hauling. Over the years, with the expansion of telecommunications in sectors like video surveillance (CCTV), security alarms, oil and mining, analytics, cyber security, and agriculture, Tridon Communications also ventured into the wired communications market.

Carrying over 41 years of industry experience, it has partners in various industries and ensures the services of one partner can be used to support another and vice versa.

For example, Tridon Communications partnered with Avigilon to expand its proactive system support in video analytics. Avigilon has market-leading video analytics components that support Motorola's Safety Reimagined project operations. For this initiative, it installed multiple CCTV cameras at all airports. When CCTV cameras detect unusual activity within the airport, security alerts are automatically activated, allowing immediate action. Proactive systems provide real-time security alerts, but most of its competitors use reactive systems. These reactive systems can fix problems after identifying them by analysis, so real-time detection cannot be done.
  • Tridon Communications offers a proactive system that combines the best of multiple worlds to meet client demands

In addition to proactive systems, Tridon Communications found success with automation services. It collaborated with AgriPlay, an urban farming company in Calgary. In an attempt to install vertical farms in buildings as part of a green initiative, they approached Tridon Communications seeking automation solutions. Many towers in these structures were filled with smaller plants, like cucumber and pepper. Automation was used in the project to keep track of the exact timing and dosage of water or fertilizer given to the plants. It also provided cost-effective solutions to install large 260-watt lights that used low voltage, category six wires.

Tridon has also helped other highprofile clients like Copper Mountain, which harvests copper, establish a solid communication network in their plants with the expertise of other international partners like Reagent and Redline. Tridon Communications has established a strong position in the worldwide TSI market due to its competent partners and ability to build client relationships. It is proactive in embracing technological advancements while maintaining professional integrity to gain a competitive advantage in the TSI industry. Tridon Communications demonstrates that combining technology, cost-effectiveness, training, and effective team building is the key to becoming a successful TSI.
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Tridon communications

Tridon communications

Edmonton, Canada

Chad Tomachefski, CWO and Ben Thompson, CEO and Greg Tolson, Chief Operations Officer

Tridon Communications is one of Canada’s leading Telecommunications Systems Integrators that seek to provide end-to-end and one-stop solutions for all kinds of wired and wireless communication requirements across various industries.