Avnet: Embedded Capabilities Beyond Limits

William Amelio, CEO, AvnetWilliam Amelio, CEO
Microcomputers are permeating the world. From the software in automobiles to sensors in a toothbrush, chances are that an underlying embedded system is dictating all operations. As the interest in IoT and mobile devices continues to expand, organizations across industries are rapidly recognizing the value of embedded systems to collect data and control industrial products. But the journey for an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) to come out with a novel embedded application is interspersed with numerous challenges that can unexpectedly appear in the design, integration, or the assembling and testing phase. Organizations can now count on Avnet AVT [NYSE], a pioneer in electronic components and embedded solutions development, to validate and implement optimal technologies. From the time an idea is born through to mass production, Avnet assists OEMs in every step of the way by selecting, sourcing best in class boards, displays, and embedded systems, all supported with a software stack based on Windows and Linux foundations. “Market needs change quickly. Avnet has a long history of adapting to change while staying focused on helping our customers bring new products to market,” says William J. Amelio, CEO, Avnet.

From Design to Delivery

Offering an end-to-end solution in all respects, Avnet not only takes charge of all design needs but also assists a client till the testing and shipping stage. The company builds strong partnerships with all clients and adopts a system level approach when recommending embedded computing components for maximized performance and cost-effectiveness. In case an off-the-shelf model does not fit a client’s criteria, Avnet rises to the challenge and produces custom alternatives to meet precise requirements.
At the onset of every project, Avnet first understands a client’s goals and preferences and suggests resources and a game plan accordingly. “From concept to design through to production, our unique experience combined with the broadest products and services meet our customers’ critical time-to-market needs at every stage of the product lifecycle,” adds Amelio.

Avnet’s selection of board and modules include ARM®, x86, and other major architectures. The company offers unbiased guidance regarding System on Modules (SoM), Computer on Modules (CoM) or a single board computer (SBC) solution. Taking care of a client’s entire spectrum of hardware needs, they even provide flexible embedded server options with customizable white box selections. Delivering best in class solutions, the company also covers all additional components such as enclosures, networking, and memory and storage devices that are required to effectively complete a task at hand.

Since a product’s display screen is oftentimes the centerpiece of unforgettable user experience, Avnet’s visual solutions are second to none. The company partners with major display brands and enables clients to balance the brightness, power, and refresh cycles in their devices to match the environment, whether it be the healthcare, aerospace, or defense sector. From touch integration to LED backlighting, pixel defect screening, and film enhancements Avnet covers it all.

To achieve a clearer understanding of the company’s unique value proposition, an apt example is that of a smart agricultural equipment manufacturer that benefitted from Avnet’s equipment control solution. The client was on the lookout for a precision agriculture system built specifically to monitor farm equipment that could stand up to harsh environments over an extended lifecycle. Avnet delivered a custom, ruggedized solution, based on embedded system technologies. The system features touch displays that facilitate human-machine interaction (HMI) on tractors and other agricultural equipment while sustaining in severe weather conditions. Without a doubt, this state-of-the-art system sets the stage for the client to enhance their market segment share and pursue increased profitability.

The Front Lines of Innovation

To bring their embedded solutions to life, Avnet houses a team of expert systems engineers that hold years of experience in designing successful embedded computing systems.
Moreover, each member specializes in distinct areas of the overall system such as processing, storage, or software and ensures that a solution is delivered within a pre-decided timeframe. All engineers also go through specific training and certifications to be well versed in each technology and supplier that Avnet deals with.

Keeping in mind that the success of a new product also depends on effective networking and a tight connection within the supply chain, Avnet’s services shine here as well. Apart from warehousing and transportation service, the company supports same-day global on-site delivery and offers 1,700 global stocking locations. Being located in 125 countries across North America, Europe, and Asia and the close-knit relationships developed over a century also works as an added advantage.

Ensuring the best experience for clients, Avnet is always at a client’s disposal during the complete product lifecycle. Alongside on-site installation and support, Avnet offers call center services to address post-sales support, queries around technical and warranty claims, repair and refurbishment services, and asset disposition and recycling. Avnet also takes the burden off clients to invest in an ISO certified, integration center, as all product development and innovation takes place in the company’s ISO-certified display clean rooms. The company has even forged long-term partnerships with industry-leading technology providers in each embedded computing and peripheral category, owing to which, they have early access to all new product releases.

Currently, the company is focusing on next-gen embedded vision technology that can help machines “see” by quickly extracting intelligence from images in real time and under various lighting. In the automotive space, this means that autonomous cars will be receptive to pedestrians in the crosswalk, which will reduce roadside collision. In collaboration with Xilinx, a supplier of programmable logic devices, Avnet churns out innovative all programmable SoCs, thermal cameras, and other software and hardware components that help realize a superior embedded vision design.

Hands down Avnet’s intelligent, efficient design practices and engineered embedded computing solutions make them the only partner an organization needs to turn ideas that no one’s ever heard of into products that the world admires.

"The technology which has allowed the smartphone to make the leap from yuppie status symbol"

- William Amelio, CEO